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 National Coffee Day! Amber Stephens What do National Coffee Day and I have in common? We share a birthday, September 29th! Coffee dates back to 850 CE and I date back to 1990. 😅 The earliest source of coffee is a story about an Ethiopian farmer whose goats became energized and rambunctious after eating coffee berries and it's said that coffee originated in current day Ethiopia and Yemen. When we think coffee nowadays, we don't think berries, we think roasted beans.  The roasted bean we know and love originated much later, in the 15th century in Arabia.  By the 16th century, coffee arrived in Italy and by the mid 17th century it had reached India. Coffee houses were established in Western Europe by the late 17th century.  These coffee houses were very popular in Holland, England and Germany. If you're a drip coffee drinker, you may know that we have a delicious Brazil that we brew fresh daily.  I bet you're wondering how coffee made its way to Brazil, aren't you? 

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